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These models are going to be available at ELCAF on Saturday!

These models are going to be available at ELCAF on Saturday!

New models! I’m going to have these with me at MCM this weekend.

And then the weekend after I’ll be at CAKE

I’m going to close my online shop while I’m away but when I get back I’ll open it again and add in the new Sister BFF mini-comics.

I made these special items for AG Gallery in Brooklyn. If you’re in the area head to 107A North 3rd Street and you’ll be able to see them and buy them if you want. Plus my books and comics are also available there.

I’ve been working on some other new crochet characters to sell in my own online shop soon too. Just one more to finish and then I’ll put them all up in a big bunch.

I made a crochet version of Tontu from Luke Pearson’s new book Hilda and The Black Hound.

The fluffy part is made from eyelash wool. It’s horrible to use but I do enjoy the results!

The mini Tontu was a prototype.

All the other crochet characters have been sold and sent away, but this one little guy is still available.

I’ve put some crochet characters for sale in my shop!

I don’t normally make these guys to sell but I’ve managed to make a few. It’s a rare chance to get one of your own.

I finished my Dragon’s Lair diorama!

I’m going to have this on my table at Thought Bubble on the 23rd and 24th November so if you’re going to be there, come and see it in person. I’ve made a Flickr set with some more photos in too.

I made these to take to Thought Bubble next weekend.

It’s bonfire night tomorrow!

I made this diorama last year to have on my table at Thought Bubble. I want to make a new one for this year but I haven’t decided what it should be yet.

Working on some new models to take to Thought Bubble on the 23rd and 24th November.

One of these wasn’t made by me but was made by Luke Pearson. Can you tell which one?